Industrial history of Fürstenwalde: Gaselan

Julius Pintsch founded a branch in 1872 in Fürstenwalde on Spree-river. This quickly became the main production facility for gas engineering systems and equipment, so among other things: gas pressure regulators, coolers, tar separator, scrubber, apparatus for analyzing gases, gas meters, gas and ammonia plants, marine buoy. In the time of the 1st and the 2nd World War parts for torpedoes were produced in the Fürstenwalde plant of the Pintsch AG. This eventually led to the dismantling of the plant at the end of WW2.


By expropriation and reconstruction on the site of the former Pintsch company's was built the Industrial Plant Fürstenwalde / Spree, which was renamed in 1951 into VEB GASELAN Fürstenwalde, later in VEB Chemical and Vessel Plant Construction Fürstenwalde (VEB CTA). The operation followed up on the previous production range of Julius Pintsch AG. In production program of VEB CTA were plants and individual products for the petrochemical industry from the oil field to the final processing, as well as for the gas industry for gas distribution and gas supply. These included in particular: overground field equipment for natural gas, associated gas and underground storage gas, methanol injection plants for gas drying, gas pressure regulators, gas safety valves, gas meters, gas filters, complete plants for gas pressure regulation, gas filtering and gas measurement.


On 1st of October 1990 the RMG Group took over the part of the VEB CTA, which dealt with the gas distribution. Among the products of the RMG Gaselan you can find gas pressure regulators, gas filters, gas safety valves and rotary meters and the production of gas pressure regulating and measuring units, from the smallest regional supply station to turnkey transfer station, which are fully equipped with pre-heating, odorizing, electronic systems and remote control technology. Most of the components comes from the RMG Group.